Thank you for your interest in Epoxy Wisconsin by La Belle Vernice Custom Finishes, LBV Countertops, Home Styling, and Art! The main product we use is Epoxy. Located in Milwaukee WI. We also are mobile and can travel.

We can help you with a little bit of everything to help make your house a home. One thing we specialize in is bringing new life to your countertops or really just about any surface.  We have several different techniques to achieve this.

Below are some advantages of using La Belle Vernice application for your countertops!

~Get the look of high end stone without the cost.
~Durable, heat and scratch resistant.
~No care, no sealing or upkeep.
~Environmentally and eco friendly. FDA approved.
~They are non porous so food safe and antibacterial.
~Have new counters in as little as 36 hours depending on the look you like.
~When trends change you won’t feel guilty redoing your countertops. Just repeat the process in the look / colors you like!
~Increase the value of your home.
~Increase profitability by attracting more desirable tenants.

We would love to help you transform your kitchen, bath or any surface you wish.   We promise to help you save money! Send me a message to set up an appointment!

We look forward to working with you.