LBV Epoxy Countertops

Hello! Thank you for your interest in La Belle Vernice Custom Finishes for your Countertops! Below are the different options in which we offer and additional information.

Belle Vernice:
Countertops are prepped, primed and then hand painted. We come back the next day and apply epoxy.
We also can add some mica pigments into the epoxy for some dimension.  The last day we remove all the plastic , drips, and clean up.
Your countertops can be lightly used in 2 days. It will take 30 days to fully cure. Do not set anything heavy on them until they are cured. Also do not set a hot coffee mug on them until fully cured.

Belle Vernice Matte:
Same steps as the Belle Vernice option however we come back the next day and sand the surface to create a honed or matte look. the other option is to apply a urethane top coat.

Belle Vernice Creative:
This can be done to look like marble, solid colors, or even add in glitter. The sky is the limit. We prep, prime, and the apply a base coat of epoxy. If you are looking for a marble look we then add the veins into the epoxy. Most times this finish may require a second top coat which would is then applied the next day if needed.


Belle Vernice Creative Matte:
This option is the same steps as the Belle Vernice Creative option however I will come back in the next day to sand down and make it matte. Or apply a urathane top coat.

The epoxy used is an extremely clear, no VOC, antibacterial, 5 times stronger than concrete

Go check out some of my work! Thank you

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